The first step in implementation of the Idora Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan was development of the Idora Neighborhood Association (INA). Currently, the Idora Neighborhood Association has approximately 240 active members. The Idora Neighborhood Association’s mission is to revitalize the neighborhood and carry out the strategies laid forth in the neighborhood plan. The INA has developed as a grassroots organization with leadership from within the neighborhood. The neighborhood is full of talent waiting to be utilized for the purposes of revitalization. The first step is giving all neighborhood residents the opportunity to be involved. THE TIME IS NOW.

However, it is very important to note that the INA will not be alone in implementing the plan. The City of Youngstown and Mahoning Valley are home to a wealth of governmental, educational, non-profit and private sector organizations that will be critical in providing the necessary talent and resources to implement the plan.

The Idora Neighborhood Association will take the lead in developing an organized network of such organizations. Each sector is able to bring unique talents and resources all of which will benefit the neighborhood in different ways. These organizations must work together and coalesce in such a way never seen in the Mahoning Valley. Organizations can no longer continue to work in a vacuum, but rather they must work together to comprehensively meet the needs and demand for resources of the neighborhood. The task is enormous, but it has been done before and will be done again. Idora will be the pilot program and once it proves successful it will serve as a model for neighborhood revitalization in the City of Youngstown, the Mahoning Valley, the State of Ohio, and the United States.

Currently, the Idora Neighborhood Association is working collaboratively with the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. (YNDC) to further build the capacity of the Idora Neighborhood Association. The YNDC  has quickly become an important partnering in allowing the neighborhood to take back its future.

Mission Statement

In accordance with the Idora Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan, the Idora Neighborhood Association is dedicated to:
  1. fostering safety and a sense of community,
  2. promoting programs and businesses to aid and develop the quality of life for our residents, and
  3. preserving and restoring our diverse and historic neighborhood.