INA Members and youth volunteers celebrate the success of the first Glenwood mural project!

The goal of the Glenwood Mural Initiative is to pay tribute to the history, people, and institutions in our community through creativity and public art. The INA, Wildcats 4-H Club, and community volunteers rallied together to produce the first mural project along Glenwood Avenue. Since that time, we have partnered with YNDC and the Youngstown Playhouse to do two additional mural projects, both which will be unveiled soon and highlighted on this page. Please stay tuned for more information about this exciting initiative!










Under the direction of Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, Ohio mural artist Curtis Goldstein crafted a magnificent mural on the north side of the Park Inn on Glenwood. The mural pays tribute to the history and the people of the Idora Neighborhood! Please click on the photo to see our exclusive photo gallery of the mural!

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