Currently there are many different greening projects that the Idora Neighborhood Association is involved in. This page will give you a brief overview of these projects.

Community Workdays

The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, in partnership with the INA, holds monthly neighborhood work days to clean, green, and secure vacant properties and prepare neighborhood project sites. Please join us! More information about the workday schedule will be posted soon.

Glenwood Revitalization

Glenwood no longer has the surrounding population to support viable commercial uses for its entire length.  The introduction of greenspace at the northern portion of the corridor will create an aesthetically pleasing gateway into the neighborhood. As businesses in this portion of the corridor become vacant they should be demolished and converted to greenspace. An incentive program may also be developed to encourage move viable businesses to enter the commercial node that will exist at the southern portion of the neighborhood. Providing incentives for clustering will help to expedite the process and make it become a reality.

Regular Neighborhood Cleanups

During the planning process a neighborhood cleanup was organized at which Idora residents participated in cleaning up their neighborhood.  Many truckloads of trash, debris, and tires were collected during this process.  A regularly scheduled clean up will not only bring people together, but also keep the neighborhood in good condition and encourage others to take their of their property.